Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Home Hack: Duvet Burritos for Dummies

Do you ever put off putting your duvet cover back onto your comforter after you wash it just because you dread the process? I've tried hanging it over my banister or standing up on my bed, risking decapitation from the ceiling fan, and shaking the heck out of it while dancing to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off. I've tried staring at it really hard and wishing it into its covering with my Alex Mack special powers. I usually just end up drinking an second glass of wine and sleeping under a plain, uncovered comforter.

Follow these 5 easy steps so you can enjoy your glass of wine, in your freshly made bed, with your adorable little fur baby, and watch TV shows that I'm too embarrassed to admit on the inter-webs.

1.  Lay your freshly washed & dried duvet cover inside-out on TOP of your comforter with closed end nearest to you and open end furthest out of reach

2.  Begin to roll your comforter and duvet cover like you are making a burrito - this does not have to be tight or perfect. Roll to the end

3.  Turn the duvet right-side out.  Reach inside the corner of the duvet cover, grab the respective corner of the comforter and wrap the duvet around the burrito. 

4.  Do this to both ends. 

5. Unroll your burrito. Place cute puppy on top and VOILA!  Hassle free duvet-stuffing: complete!

Are there any home hacks that you have discovered that are life changing? 

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