Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beautiful in the Nude!

Warning: none of the lip products I'm going to mention are a true "nude". I have medium-light blonde hair and fair skin with a pink undertone which means nudes with a bit of pink is necessary.

My Top Picks 

First of all, the formula of the new NARS Lipsticks is everything its made out to be, they are so creamy and pigmented that one swipe on the lips is all you need. There are a few nude shades, from which I picked Anita - it gives me enough color that it didn't wash me out, but has enough of a brown undertone to be my version of this new 90s / Kylie Jenner lip trend. The price tag is the one this that is deterring me from purchasing another one for now, as I'd really like to try the new Maybelline Mattes to see if they are a dupe. This is the deepest nude of the mix. 

In one of my first blog posts (see it here), I hauled this NARS Lipstick in the shade Cruising.The formula of these is so creamy and glides on beautifully. This shade isn't shiny, but it does have a natural sheen and the pigmentation isn't totally opaque (which is why I find myself reaching for this the the day time more than any of the others). This is the best every day daytime nude.

I can't say enough good things about FRESH's Sugar Lip Treatments. These are the most luxurious treatment you can do for your lips and still look good doing it. Petal wears more like a brown-y pink on me, while Tulip is a nice natural pink that is slightly brighter than your natural lip color. While these are insanely moisturizing, they can get very soft, very quickly so don't leave these in a hot car.

Unless you are living under a rock, you know about how matte lips are all the rage! I have found it to be an impossible mission to find a matte formula that isn't drying, until I found BITE Lip Crayons. I still only wear this on days when my lips look GOOOOOD (I can guarantee that by using the LUSH lip scrub and then coating my lips in the FRESH Advanced Lip Treatment before going to bed the night before). This product is so natural you can EAT it! No joke!  

Last but not least, the most budget-friendly of the bunch.  I love the slight minty aroma of the Tarte Lipsticks and the light, can't-feel-it weight of the formula that I love reaching for Angelic Nude. Check out the Tarte lipsticks, the range of colors is so great and the packaging is the cutest!

I love pairing any of these with Charlotte Tilbury's lip pencil in Pillow Talk or IT Cosmetic pencil in Buff Nude.

And the Honorable Mentions go to...

BITE Lipstick Duo in Lychee/Musk. What's better than one but TWO nude lip colors in a petite, cute little package. This was one of those little things in "The Green Mile" at Sephora (that's what I call all those minis at checkout - somehow something always jumps into my basket. Both shades are very wearable. 

I was disappointed in...

Retsina by BITE! So many YouTubers talk about this lipstick, I was very excited to find a beautiful nude. NOPE! It looks like concealer on my lips. This is definitely going back. (Although I'll probably look to trade it in for another shade, as I really like the formula.)

XoXo, The Nude Edition.

Products mentioned in this post

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anita - $32   
NARS Lipstick - Cruising - $26   
FRESH Sugar Lip Treatments - Petal & Tulip - $22.50  
BITE Matte Lip Crayon - Leche - $24   
Tarte Lipstick - Angelic Nude - $16
BITE Lipstick - Retsina - $24
BITE Lipstick Duo - Lychee/Musk - $12
Charlotte Tilbury's 'Lip Cheat' lip liner - Pillow Talk - $22
IT Cosmetic lip liner stain - Buff Nude - $20

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