Saturday, September 13, 2014

Does every girl get that "special feeling"?

"Special feeling" eh?  Ah... I have sparked your interest now haven't I? Is she really going to be writing an entire post about orgasms?!  No worries, it is not about the Big O.  :)

Yesterday, I picked up my wedding dress from alterations and I left in tears.  I went by myself for the initial alteration and wanted to pick up the dress by myself too, with the intent on wanting it to be a surprise for everyone. I put the dress on and the alterations were exactly what I expected... it fit well, it's a really pretty dress, but something didn't feel right. I didn't get that "feeling" that they say everyone gets when they put on their wedding dress. 

It might be anxiety of the wedding being only 4 weeks away setting it. It might be my perfectionist ways showing face. It might be Hollywood and all the reality TV I watch causing me to have unrealistic expectations. I was expecting for a Cinderella-like Fairy Godmother transformation, maybe some glitter miraculously to begin falling around me, some mice in shirts to help me put on my shoes. There was no bibbity. No bobbity. Just boo (hoo)!

Thanks to my fabulous friends who I had over last night. They asked me to put my dress on after they heard about my concerns. And their words of support completely changed my entire perspective! I'm not saying that it's about what other people think, but sometimes it helps to get hear it from them to remind you why you chose the things you did in the first place.

My Tips for the Bride for the Final Fitting:

  1. Bring some hair ties/pins & all of your bridal jewelry with you.  Of course you are supposed to take all your undergarments and shoes with you that you'll be wearing the day of , but it helps to be able to see the entire look. You'll find out now whether you want to swap out your earrings or change your hairstyle you had planned originally. Let your hair down, pull it half up, pull it all the way up, pull it to the side - see what silhouette looks best now that you see everything together. 
  2. Only YOU are going to see the small things. While you are walking down the aisle, everyone is going to be looking at you and those clear buttons they had to add for the bustle will be completely invisible to anyone else. That back-fat you think is spilling over your dress is non-existent to others. That extra inch you wanted to lose in your waist is inconsequential to what kind of happiness you are going to experience on that day.
  3. Take someone with you. It helps to have an extra set of eyes to make sure the alterations were done correctly. Even more importantly, it's nice to have someone there to tell you how beautiful you look. I am my own worst critic, so let someone give you positive feedback! You are beautiful! Let yourself feel beautiful! 
  4. Smile! There is no better accessory than a big smile (CORNY... but true). Let yourself wear a big smile in those 360 degree mirrors, your body will immediately release natural mood-improving chemicals throughout your body. (Read more about the benefits of smiling here and here.)
Once your hair is done, your makeup is done, and you get the butterflies of it being your special day, you are going to feel amazing! I know that picking up my dress has made me feel like I am READY for this wedding to get here already! Best wishes to you on your day! 

XoXo, Feel Beautiful!

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