Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pregnancy Style: Weeks 16 - 19

I'm back with another Pregnancy Style post for weeks 16 -19.
Black & White Striped Dress, Loft (similar)  //  Leather sandals, JCrew Outlet (similar)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pregnancy Style: Weeks 12 - 15

Initially, I began snapping weekly pictures of my pregnant self to document my growing belly and keep a little 'digital closet' for myself to reference when I was feeling uninspired with my clothing options. (I've always had this dream I would take a picture of every clothing item I own so I could style my outfits from the comfort of my bed, essentially have my own real life Clueless Closet - this is the closest I've gotten.)  Now, it's become a weekly update I send to long-distance family and friends so they can get a quick update on our progress. A friend suggested I share them on my blog to maybe give other pregnant mama's some inspiration... or even just encouragement to capture your pregnancy style journey.

I definitely wouldn't consider myself stylish, but I do enjoy pulling inspiration from Pinterest and trying to recreate the looks with items I might already have in my closet, mixing non-maternity items with maternity finds.

V-neck Red Wings Tee (similar)  //  Full Panel Maternity Jean Shorts, Target 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fresh in Fifteen Challenge

Inspired by Kate from The Small Things blog's recent Fresh in Fifteen post, I challenged myself to try to do my hair and makeup in 15 minutes. I certainly don't have that roll-out-of-bed-smear-some-moisturizer-on-coat-my-lashes-in-mascara-and-leave-the-house kind of face. It's not that I get glammed up every day, but it normally takes me an hour to get ready because I just really enjoy the "getting ready" process and taking my time (that does include a shower & puppy snuggle breaks... not at the same time... that would be weird).