Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fresh in Fifteen Challenge

Inspired by Kate from The Small Things blog's recent Fresh in Fifteen post, I challenged myself to try to do my hair and makeup in 15 minutes. I certainly don't have that roll-out-of-bed-smear-some-moisturizer-on-coat-my-lashes-in-mascara-and-leave-the-house kind of face. It's not that I get glammed up every day, but it normally takes me an hour to get ready because I just really enjoy the "getting ready" process and taking my time (that does include a shower & puppy snuggle breaks... not at the same time... that would be weird).
I had little faith in what magic I could work in that short amount of time, but I must say - I surprised myself. I think if I reorganize my makeup, maybe dedicate a specific "15 min. drawer" and go through this routine a few more times, I'll be able to cut down on the time even more.

I picked 15 products/tools that are simple, dependable, and pack a punch - avoiding products that I don't think can stand alone on their own (e.g. requires a lot of blending, looks better layered with other shades). I can easily swap in other blush & lip colors for different looks. I am getting better at winged liner, so MAYBE I could substitute that in for the liner I used to line my upper waterline. 

7)  IT Cosmetics blush brush (from this set / similar)

Let me know if you want a review of any of these products I mentioned above. Can you do your routine in 15 minutes? What products are your go-to's? 

Stay Beautiful.

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