Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pregnancy Style: Weeks 16 - 19

I'm back with another Pregnancy Style post for weeks 16 -19.
Black & White Striped Dress, Loft (similar)  //  Leather sandals, JCrew Outlet (similar)

RIP Striped Dress - this dress has since had to be retired to the backof my closet until next year. Because of the shapeless-ness of this dress, it worked until my bump was making the back material bunch weird and the front to be too short. STYLE TIP: Try throwing a belt around your non-maternity dresses, you might find you like them better with your bump as your newest, cutest accessory.
Bandeau bikini top + Ruched-side bottoms, Victoria's Secret (similar)
I know bikinis on preggos isn't everyone's taste but I think it looks adorable! While I did pick up a one piece suit from Target just in case, I found the bikini to be the least restricting and most comfortable.  I did have to size up in both the top and bottoms, but was excited to find this suit on the sale rack in VS.
Graphic blouse, Loft (similar)  //  Maternity Pixie Pants, Old Navy  //  Audrey Brook flats, DSW
Loft has this style of blouse every season in a variety of colors, the fabric is light-weight and doesn't need to be ironed! They were my go-to work tops pre-pregnancy and I have found I've been able to continue to wear them through week 26 of my pregnancy. These Old Navy pants have been a staple in my workrobe (see what I did there... work + wardrobe = workrobe). The side panels didn't work so well in the earlier stages of my pregnancy, I would constantly find them to be slipping down throughout the day. However, they are SO much more comfortable to wear all day as opposed to a low-panel or full panel.
Maternity sleeveless dress, Target  //  Floral scarf, Loft  //  Franco Sarto sandals, Aldo (similar)
I. Love. This. Dress. It is so comfortable and will work throughout the entirety of my pregnancy. I'm already planning on wearing this with some ankle booties and a cardigan for the fall. Then throw a leather jacket, tights, and tall boots on for a casual night out. Just trust me and order this right now. STYLE TIP:  Emphasize your bump!  Look for tops & dresses with rushing, they'll grow with your bump and help show it off without being tight/restrictive.

Hope you are enjoying these!  I like adding in the commentary this time around. As I look back at these, I feel like I've definitely learned was looks good and what to avoid in future outfits.

Stay beautiful!

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