Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday's Fab Five

I was wandering through the beauty counters at Nordstrom's last week and met this fabulous gentleman, a self-proclaimed "skin care guru". After spending time picking his brain, getting a mini-makeover, and listening to his recommendations, I am a total follower. He is the skin-whisperer! This week's Fab Five includes one of his recommendations, I'm sure the other will be highlighted as well once I receive it in the mail (it was out of stock).

The Short Version

1. Clear Days Ahead Salicylic Face Cleanser - a gentle cleanser perfect for those with combination skin
2. Super Spot Remover by ORIGINS - this zit fix is heaven sent 
3. Michael Kors Mini Lexington in Rose Gold - a petite and sleek day time watch in the trend of the year (rose gold)
4. Naturally Pretty Eye Shadow Palette by It Cosmetics - my go-to eye shadow palette that I use every day!
5.  Lip Cream in Mudslide by Buxom - the perfect 'your lips but better' color in a pigmented lipgloss

The Long Version

After listening to my skin concerns, Nordstrom's "Skin Guru" knew instantly what product he was going to recommend to me, Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead Cleanser. I expressed to him that I'm always challenged with finding a powerful enough cleanser that will battle my acne (cystic and the more common whiteheads) that didn't completely dry me out. I've been using this for 2 weeks today and I've seen a dramatic improvement to my skins texture and clean pores.

On a side note, if you want to get the best recommendations for products for YOU and YOUR skin, I recommend you look for a "Beauty Stylist" (I think that's what he was called) in your local department store. They don't work for any single product line and will pick and choose from the best products that work best for you. There's nothing that makes me feel more pressured than sitting down at one counter and having the beauty rep try to sell me on everything from makeup to skincare and fragrance. Very rarely is everything from a single line going to work perfectly for what you need.

Staying on the skincare train, this Super Spot Remover is indeed SUPER! Even though I feel like the Philosophy cleanser is doing a great job, those 1 or 2 pimples that sneak through can be treated with this. Make sure to apply this JUST to the spot of concern because it has some serious drying power.

This has been my favorite watch for the past few months. Typically 5 days out of the week, I wear my Michael Kors Mini Lexington in rose gold. The face and band of this watch are petite and feminine, making it perfect for a day time work-appropriate look. I also like the look of mixed metals, so I'll layer a gold and/or a silver bracelets on the same wrist. I swap this out for my larger gold Lexington on days I want a bigger statement.

Since I proclaimed this as "The Best Palette" a week ago, I haven't reached for anything other than my Naturally Pretty Palette. I want all the shadows I need for a single eye look in one palette, I don't want to have to pull out a separate highlighter, and then pull out another single shadow for my crease blending color - this palette HAS it ALL!  All of the shadows are so buttery, blendable, and beautiful; Warmth, Soulful, and Mocha are my favorite shades.

Leave your lip pencil, lipstick, and gloss at home. The Buxom Lip Cream in Mudslide is a gorgeous pigmented gloss that is the perfect rosey, your lips but better color with no glitter in just a single swipe. Just like all Buxom lip products, it has a minty, tingly, plumping effect.

XoXo, Stay Beautiful.

Products mentioned in this post: 

Clear Days Ahead Salicylic Face Cleanser by Philosophy  - $21
Super Spot Remover by ORIGINS - $15.50
Michael Kors Mini Lexington in Rose Gold - $195  $127.50 on Amazon
Naturally Pretty Eye Shadow Palette by It Cosmetics - $42
Lip Cream in Mudslide by Buxom - $19

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