Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Best Palette w/ Swatches

I have a new favorite palette! IT Cosmetics' Naturally Pretty Palette is so gorgeous that I walk into the bathroom just to open and look at it. The formula of these shadows and the colors far surpass my Naked2 and Naked3 palettes - they are just so much more buttery, beautiful, and not glittery. I picked mine up at Ulta, but I'd recommend ordering it off IT Cosmetics' website and use promo code INSIDER to get 20% off sitewide.

The website says all the shade are mattes, but I think they wear more like a satin. If you dip your brush in your color and then in the Transforming Pearl shade, it becomes more shimmery (I noticed it tends to dilute the color a bit too). I'd recommend tapping your brush into the shadows rather than swirling it, as these shadows are incredibly soft so swirling would create a lot of fallout.

A few looks I've tried so far:
Rosey Neutral Eye - Warmth (crease) + Soulful (lid) + Mocha (outer-corner) + All Heart (lower lash line)
Purple Smokey Eye - Violet (crease) + Soft Light (lid) + Iconic (outer-V + along top/bottom lash line) + Sheer Joy (brow bone + inner corner)
2-Shadow Coral - Soulful (lid) + Sunset (outer 1/2 of lid + crease)

I am yet again very please with the quality of IT's products. The one negative I have is that the outer packaging is like a soft pink suede type of material, which I can imagine is going to get and look dirty very quickly.

Spoiler Alert! On the bind of the palette it says Vol. 1, which means they are planning on coming out with at least one more! ... or it's just a cruel, cruel joke.

I definitely recommend grabbing this palette. When you do, let me know some of the looks you've created? Help me help you Be More Beautiful.

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