Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Fab Five

Welcome back to my five favorites of the week!  Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to post anything all week - work, meetings with our wedding vendors, and wedding projects have kept me very busy.

Spoiler alert: My next post will be about a few of my wedding projects...

Upper-left: Mugsy & Lucy  Upper-right: Formula X in Impeccable swatch  

The Short Version

1. My puppies! - they make me smile even on the bad days! :) 
2. Running in the morning! - natural stress reducer + fresh morning air + cardio = Bridal sanity
3. X Formula Nail Polish in Impeccable - one coat to a gorgeous summer-to-autumn transitional color
4. Flowerbomb fragrance by Viktor & Rolf - a beautiful sweet, floral, feminine fragrance 
5.  Full-on Lip Polish in Dolly by Buxom - the semi-shear mauvey-nude pigmented lipgloss

The Long Version

Like I said above, now that we are 3 weeks out from the wedding, I feel like this is the first week I have started to feel true wedding-anxiety. Every time my mind begins to wander and think about my "wedding to-do list" I start to feel a bit overwhelmed. This is where my first 2 favorites have been my zen! You have to be completely soul-less if your heart doesn't melt when you come home and your doggies just are SO incredibly happy to see you. The companionship and snuggles I get from my two little ones eases my anxiety. Mugsy is a 3 1/2 year old Shorkie (ShiTzu-Yorkie mix) and Lucy is a 1 year old Pomapoo (Pomeranian-Poodle mix).

On that same page, for the past 2 months I have committed myself to waking up (at 5AM!) and running in the mornings, typically 4-6 times per week. In no way am I a runner AT ALL, which is exactly why I wanted to try to force myself through the pain to like it. And I do! I started off at running 1 mile at ~11min. pace... and now I'm up to running 4.5 miles some days at a 9:30 min. pace. I feel more toned all over, I have more energy in the mornings (so much so I sometimes even SKIP coffee), and I'm more happy with myself. I still watch all the Real Runners pass by me, but I'm proud of myself for just getting out there and moving. If I can do it, ANYONE CAN!

Finally, onto the stuff you care about... I got this Flowerbomb rollerball in my 1st haul I posted here. I love this sweet but not fruity sweet, but more floral-sweet (not at all grandma-style) that is super feminine and addicting. Sample next time you are in Sephora and let me know what you think.

As will everyone else, I am looking forward to Fall. I think this nail color is a gorgeous mauve-y, neutral shade - it's called Impeccable. It looks much darker on the Sephora site, it looks very nice on my light skin tone - enough of a color but coordinates with my undertone. I find these Formula X polishes are so opaque they only require ONE COAT and they dry in ~5 minutes! LOVE IT! I find that over the past month that once I take it off, I reach for the same exact color and reapply - it's that good!

Disclaimer, I had NO idea that this was a supposed 'cult favorite' until I went to find the link for y'all. I don't know if that means I'm totally not-unique or if I'm perfectly on-trend (let's go with the latter). This Buxom gloss in Impeccable is a beautiful, sheer wash of warm, mauve-y, nude that is perfect to throw in your purse - you can wear it over any lipstick or on it's own. It looks glittery in the tube, but trust me when I say the little shimmers are so itsy-bitsy that they give a sexy pout to the lip (no flashback to the body-glitter-90's). Side note: you could get the so-called "special edition" version for the same price here, which I don't see any difference other than some minimal writing on the lid in cursive.

Have you tried any of the other Buxom glosses that you absolutely LOVE?! I'd love your recommendations! 

XoXo, Stay Calm (& beautiful)

Products mentioned in this post: 

Buxom Full-on Lip Polish - Dolly - $19
Formula X nail polish - Impeccable - $10.50
Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb rollerball - $29

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