Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wedding Accessories

Apologies for taking the past 3 weeks off. Our wedding was on October 11th, we left for our honeymoon on October 17th for 9 days, and spent the days between at work. I plan to dedicate a few upcoming posts on recapping some of my DIY wedding projects and planning & design decisions that I believe contributed to being so relaxed and truly enjoy our wedding day.  Now onto the part that gets us girls all giddy...

After visiting a few bridal boutiques, I ended up finding my dress at David's Bridal (a later post will follow about the details of the dress). That's also where I found this grey Vera Wang sash that worked perfectly - I loved the softness of the tulle flowers and the hint of sparkle. The band itself gave a subtle separation between the fitted sweetheart bodice and the full tulle skirt - I loved how the contrasting grey highlighted my waist while giving the illusion of it being much slimmer and went well with our wedding colors (grey/navy/white)!

I found my wedding jewelry at Macy's and my shoes at Nordstrom's Rack. I knew I wanted to wear my hair down (or mostly down) and the focus to be on the shape and movement of the dress, so I wanted my accessories to be simple and comfortable. I love the modern-vintage style of the jewelry, the crystals gave enough sparkle without looking gaudy.   

earrings: Carolee  bracelet: Carolee  shoes: Badgley Mischka

It was when I found my shoes that I can hands-down say was THE turning point from "anxious and a bit uncertain of all the design choices", to "excitement for the day to come when I got to put on my dress and see everything come together". I had pinned these exact same shoes on my Pinterest board with no intent of ever being able to afford them for myself but thought I could find a dupe. When I saw them sitting on the shelf in Nordstrom Rack at the very discounted price tag of $84, the clouds opened up and the angels started singing!!!

What makes them even more perfect is that I had already *thought* I found my wedding shoes already which I wore when getting my dress altered (these). Yes, they are VERY different than the Badgley's, it is incredibly difficult to find silver or white heels in stores that don't look like stripper heels. When I got home and discovered they were the exact same heel height, I was ecstatic!

I opted to skip out on a purse because I figured whenever I needed to retouch my makeup, I could escape to the Bridal Suite. So that's how I chose to style myself, I'll write more about my dress once I get some pictures.

XoXo, goodnight beauties.

Items mentioned in this post

Vera Wang Crystals & Organza Flowers Sash - sterling - $148  $39.99 on sale now  
Badgley Mischka Pettal Pumps - white satin - $255  $84 @ Nordstrom Rack 

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