Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top Bronzers

1.  Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder - I tried this based on rave reviews from Essie Button (one of my favorite beauty bloggers); it is a very light, smooth powder with no-fail application; the downside is that there aren't many shades and I use 03 (the darkest is 04), so anyone with skin much darker than mine probably won't find a match.
2.  Bronzed and Poreless - I'm not so sure about the "poreless" part, it's so finely-milled that it just applies beautifully and helps camouflage imperfections; is cooler toned so I like using this as an all-over bronzer and then build it up .
3.  Filmstar Bronze & Glow - This definitely isn't a MUST HAVE but it sure is the epitome of luxury! I like wearing this with Tarte blush in Exposed for a very natural look for the cheeks whenever I where a bold lip.
4.  CC+ Radiance Ombre Bronzer - the size of this compact doesn't make it very travel-friendly, but this is a more affordable luminating bronzer; I find this one to be the most red-toned out of these 4, so I the sheen is more subtle than the Bronze & Glow.

I reach for 1 of these 4 of my favorites every day. The top things I look for in a bronzer are:
  • a non-orangy powder that 'bronzes' my complexion while looking natural on my pale complexion; 
  • blendability (because this heavy handed girl needs any help she can get); and 
  • a smooth, non-chalky texture. 
Unfortunately, the drugstore bronzers I have tried left me looking more like a muddy, powdery elementary school chalkboard, instead of Gisele. You might notice that I did not include Benefit's Hula bronzer on my list, well that because I don't get the hurrah is about. I think it's a too red-toned for my complexion and find it starts to breakdown and look muddy a few hours after application.

Let me know if you like these kind of "my favorite [insert make up product here]" posts. What would you like me to do next - blush, brow product, foundation?

Be beautiful. XoXo

Products mentioned in this post

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder by The Body Shop - 03 Medium Matte - $20
Bronzed and Poreless by Too Faced - $30  use code MAKEUPLOVE for 20% off @ 
Filmstar Bronze & Glow by Charlotte Tilbury - $65
CC+ Radiance Ombre Bronzer by It Cosmetics - $34

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