Friday, December 26, 2014

Easy Holiday DIY

This might be a bit late but definitely still super simple craft ideas I couldn't pass up sharing. It's also the perfect time to pick up 'holiday craft materials' from your local craft store at a discount!

DIY Snowman Mason Jar 
mason jar
3 black buttons - (any size; varied sizes would be super cute)
10in. of ribbon/fleece
gift tag - (could be purchased or homemade)
hot glue gun
white chocolate/yogurt-covered pretzels - (could be purchased or homemade)

Simply fill the jar with your pretzels, glue the buttons onto the jar, wrap ribbon/fleece around the neck of the jar, and attach the tag. Make it even easier by skipping the tag and just write a holiday message on the lid! Voila!

Waterless Snowglobe
mason jar
3" - 5" small tree (look near the accessories for models / mini villages)
bag of "snow"
hot glue gun

Place the tree on the lid, put the mason jar on top (upside-down) and check to see if the tree sits high enough for your likely. If not, use a few pennies/washers to help add height to your tree (this will be covered by the snow). Glue the tree to the center-bottom of the lid. Spoon in 1/2 - 1 cup of the snow into the mason jar. Screw on lid, shake it up to get some of the snow to fall onto the tree. If you are an overachiever, decorate your tree using small beads.

Happy crafting!

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