Monday, March 9, 2015

Post Wedding Chop

I am loving this amazing "lob" trend going on across the actor/musician/reality star scene that even works for us "regular" girls! Meanwhile, I was also craving a fresh, shorter style after growing my hair out for a year+ for our wedding. Come New Years, I was ready to take the plunge! 

If you are anything like me, I feel like a complete nincompoop when it comes to describing what I want to my hairstylist. I end up looking like some primate with a picture in my hand "this. want. hair cut. make work. for face. please." This isn't a bad thing as long as you don't go in having unrealistic expectations. While the style in pictures you pull off the web may look effortless, it's likely been colored by a professional, cut by a professional, colored by a professional, and styled by a professional. I recommend finding pictures of people with your similar skintone, haircolor, and face shape to help you best visualize how the hairstyle would look on you. 

I found these photos of Kristen Cavallari's recent hair transformation by stylist Chris McMilian and took them into my stylist so he could see various angles. I liked the longer length of the front, the soft angle, and the movement of the hairstyle. Erik Matthews (M Salon) worked his magic and I love the results!  (Ignore the stupid faces I'm making, I have no idea how to take a good selfie... any tips?!)  I found this great easy-to-follow tutorial for how to style a lob. I'm still toying around with tools to get a relaxed wave (e.g. curling wand / curling iron / straightener) and different products.

Did you fall for the lob trend? What tools/products are your favorite?  What other hair trends catch your eye?


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