Monday, February 15, 2016

Must Haves for the Nursing Mom

Boppy Pillow  //  I prefer the boppy to other nursing pillows because these can also be used while bottle-feeding, support under your visitors' arms when craddling your little precious baby, or as a neck pillow during those late-night zombie feedings. I am especially loving this cover from Iviebaby's shop on Etsy or these simple, soft covers from Pottery Barn.

Nursing Cover  //  I am mildly obsessed with these nursing covers from MilkSnob. They are made of a nice lightweight, breathable fabric (appreciated by both mommy & baby), they double as infant seat covers (to ward off germ, wind, and strangers from your little one), not to mention they are SO much cuter than those ridiculous drop clothes they sell at Target! I have to continue to convince myself that I don't need more than 2, this would be easier if Melanie (the creative founder) didn't keep coming out with new prints.

Nipple Cream  //  Nipple cream is critical during the first 2 weeks. Now that my little one is 3 months old, I don't use this regularly - I typically just apply it before bed now. I really liked this natural nipple cream from Earth Mama. While I can appreciate the organic, lanolin-free formula, it was the chocolate smell that has me hooked!  Keep in mind this (and really any nipple cream) will leave an oil-stain on your nursing bras/tops unless you use nursing pads (see below).

Nursing pads  //  I love these Bamboobies Pads so much that I ordered 2 of these sets so I can have a good wash rotation. They are so soft, comfortable, and absorbent. After using these, the disposable ones are so itchy and audibly crinkly (seemingly to me at least; like those full body wind suits from the 90's).

Up & Up Storage Bags  //  The least "fun" to talk about... but totally necessary if you are going to pump. I tried a few different brands and find these Target brand ones to be my favorites. (How can a ziplock bag be better than any other, you ask?) I like freezing them flat and then storing them upright because they are so thin, (storage space is a hot commodity in our freezer - until I can talk my hubby into getting me a deep freezer) and they are very affordable!

Next, I need to find a hands-free pumping bra and some new nursing bras (the Bravado ones I have are good enough for now)... any recommendations?


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