Monday, February 8, 2016

Must Haves in the First 3 Months

Stroller frame  //  Picking up the stroller frame that fit our infant seat was the best decision I made to help simplify traveling. With the infant seat being 14-lbs. itself plus an 8-lb. baby, there was no way I could haul a bulky stroller with an infant set adapter in and out of the car easily - it also has a nice sized basket too! I plan to use this all the time until my baby's neck stability is strong enough to ride in our forward-facing BOB stroller, and even beyond for convenience.

Pack n' Play  //  This was first used by us as a makeshift crib (with the removable bassinet insert) that we were able to set up in our room so she was an arms-length away. I had every intention of putting my baby to sleep in her crib from day 1, but we used this in our room until she was 8 weeks old. I have since moved this downstairs to give her area to stretch out and wiggle around. We plan to bring this with us whenever we vacation for sleep & playtime.

Rock n' Play  //  This seat is so convenient. It is easily transportable to any room of the house, allowing you to keep a close eye on your Little One wherever you go making showering, cooking, crafting, etc. possible. I even use this nighttime sleeping & naps - especially helpful if your baby has reflux because of the incline.

Baby Wraps  //  I am personally a fan of the Solly Baby Wraps because they are made of a thin, stretchy fabric so they don't make mommy or baby too hot. But let's be serious, the main reason is because the fabric options are just so darn CUTE! No matter what brand you pick, these are so helpful to help sooth your baby by holding her close to you and babies love the constant bounce and movement. I use this grocery shopping so I can be hands-free and not have to fill the buggy with the infant seat.

Aquaphor  //  I have a tub of this at our diaper station upstairs and downstairs, a tube in my diaper bag, and will definitely be sending a tube to my daughter's daycare with her. We shmear this on (nearly) every diaper change and haven't had any issues with diaper rash yet.  It's also great to mix in with lotion for baby's dry skin and is super healing for those tiny little scratches from those ever-growing baby nails. If they sold this at Costco, I'd probably buy a swimming pool size tub of this stuff!

What are your must have items?


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