Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey There Sugar Lips!

I can't hold it in anymore... I have to share my favorite lippy with you! First, let me just put it out there early and say I had a mini anxiety attack in the store over the price tag. I can give you the over-used "it's totally worth the money, trust me" line but instead, I'll just dare you to go into Sephora tomorrow and swatch one. I'm warning you now, you will get addicted - you'll want MORE! Now that we've got that out of the way, let's move on.

These Sugar Lip Treatments are the only Fresh products I've tried so far and I'm extremely pleased with the quality - of both the formula and the packaging. I love how the cap screws on so I can throw it in my purse and not worry about it ruining my bag. I can just sweep this across my lips and get great moisturization, a nice sheen, and fabulous pigmentation for a lip balm!

Left to Right:  Honey, Petal, Tulip, Coral, Passion, Berry

I took out a lone and got 6 of the 10 colors Fresh has available and the untinted Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment (not shown). Tulip and Passion are my favorites, both give a pop of color without looking overdone. Honey and Petal both have warmer brownish undertones, so I find myself grabbing these for when I want a nude lip in the cooler months. Coral makes your lips looks like you just finished eating a popsicle, a very on-trend color for this summer. I was surprised by how wearable Berry is, with my light complexion I usually can't pull of these richer colors (or at least I'm scared to try), but it is gorgeous! Come Fall, this will be my go-to color.  I find the formula to be a little softer in the Coral and Honey tubes (perhaps I just got some lemons), so be careful and spin it up just a wee bit to apply or else your whole tip with pop off (that's what she said?!). Has anyone else seemed to experience this? 

If you are going to get an untinted one, I would recommend spending the few extra dollars and getting Advanced Therapy vs. "normal" Lip Treatment. I was using the Advance Therapy every night before going to bed and was loving it. Then I switch to try using a sample size I had of the standard one and I was instantly missing that extra oomph.

I've heard Fresh offers some top rated skin care products. If I were going to try one, which should it be?

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