Sunday, August 31, 2014

Haul Update & Dupe?!

I posted a few hauls with several products that are new to me and figured and update is due. Two products I can't put down are the Bobbi Brown Illuminating (not-so-bronzing-more-like-blush-and-highlighter-combo) Bronzing Powders. I find Antigua to be much more of a natural every day color, while Santa Barbara is good for when I want to look extra glowy and have more of a look-at-my-sexy-cheeks color (can cheeks be sexy?).  I just wish it was socially acceptable to do mid-day makeup changes so I could wear both every day. 

But wait... you say you want to wear both every day? What if you could?  What if blushes could make love and have babies?  If Santa Barbara invited Antigua out on a date, conversation went well, sparks flew... then badda-bing badda-boom... baby Rose D'Oro from Milani! Okay so it's not a true dupe since it's not one for one, but it is a GREAT drugstore blush that has great pigment and blends out well.  

Moving on... another product that I am really enjoying is the S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum from my Caudalie 500 point bonus gift. I've been putting this on under my moisturizer before applying my makeup in the mornings - it has helped add an extra boost of moisture my skin has really been needing. I'll definitely be adding this to my Loves bin to pick up on another Sephora shopping trip - right in time too as I was thinking I need to add a serum to my skin care routine. Does anyone recommend any other serums?  Along those lines, I notice the Moisturizing Sorbet to be much lighter and mousse-like texture than the Intense Moisture Rescue that will work well when I'm not needing my daily drench in layers of serious moisture.

I don't have an opinion on the NARS pressed setting powder yet. I feel like I'm not picking up any product on the brush to give it a good review. Does anyone else find this to be the case or recommendations for how to fix this?

I make it a point to use my NARS dual intensity eyeshadow and lipstick in Cruising, both can be worked into any makeup look and are a joy to use. I am really enjoying this new found relationship NARS and I have just entered into. I'm glad I got over thinking the products were too glittery, instead they are less shimmery and more glowy.

I'm still giving the ORIGINS spot treatment some time. I've used it on a very large cystic spot on my chin. While I feel like it has helped to reduce the size dramatically (better than any other product I've tried), it may have dried it out the surrounding area way too much for my liking. It may also be because I've been doubling up using this and the Dermalogica spot treatment. Is is bad to layer benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid products? 

What's your favorite NARS products?

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